hibiscus ice pop


And for the tea lovers here is Hibiscus Sunset Tea. An ice pop made out hibiscus flowers a touch of lemon and orange. Read More
horchata ice pop


Horchata is a smooth, creamy, and milky beverage from Mexico made out rice, cinnamon, vanilla. It is very refreshing drink made into ice pop. Read More
mango kiwi ice pop think fruit


The perfect combination between mangos and kiwis. Read More
ice pops in glasses at the pool

Piña Colada

Piña colada ice pop is a sweet combination between fresh pineapples and coconut. Read More
strawberry ice pops


STRAWBERRY ICE POP   This is a classic flavor and kid's favorite pop. Read More
Super C ice pop


Honestly, it is one of our favorite ice pops. The perfect combination between fruits and vegetables. Freshly-squeezed oranges with fresh carrots. And the best part is that it is full of Vitamin C, that is why we call it Super C! Read More
three colored ice pop with assortment of fresh fruit


Froots Gourmet Ice pops. If you’re looking for a burst of real fruit flavors, you’ll love the Froots ice pop. We’ve layered real strawberries, kiwis, and mangos into one fantastic ice pop that has quickly become a customer favorite. You’ll taste sweet strawberries at its ripest, a layer of slightly tart and satisfying kiwi, and… Read More
Pineapple Ginger Lemonade Ice Pop


  Are you looking for an ice pop that will make your taste buds tingle? How about a dessert that is bold, tart, and delicious? You’ll be smacking your lips with every bite of the pineapple ginger lemonade ice pop!   Read More
chocolate ice pop


  Say hello to milk chocolaty goodness when you pick this pop. We use Cocoa (100% cacao natural unsweetened) plus dairy to make this ice pop. It’s the pop of your childhood dreams – remember when your milk became chocolate milk at the end of your cereal? Get this pop to relive the memories.   Read More
orange ice pop


TROPICAL GREEN ICE POP   You’ll think you’re wandering through the rain forest when you taste our tropical green pop! A combination of fresh pineapples,  and fresh spinach make for a great way to get kids to eat their vegetables. This is another ice pop that would love to hit the beach with you!   Read More
purple berry ice pops


  You’ll find a winning combination of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries in our Very Berry ice pop. Lots of real berry seeds help make up this clean and refreshing treat. Enjoy at the peak of summer when the sun is out and you need to cool down.     Read More
coffee ice pop


The Colombian coffee ice pop smells like the coffee our grandparents used to make back in South America. We know you’ll enjoy this creamy coffee pop with a hint of vanilla flavor. If you are craving a morning ice pop, we recommend the real coffee taste in this one!     Read More
yellow ice pop


[thb_gap height="30"]   This ice pop is packed with outrageous bursts of real passion fruit flavor.  The strong tart taste will have you thinking you’re biting directly into the fruit. You’ll be the hit of the pool party if you bring a box of these to the hostess! Also provides a sweet ending to a… Read More
soursop cut in half with soursop ice pops


  Guanabana (soursop) is a delicious white tropical fruit from Central and South America that is rich in vitamins B and C. This unique creamy sweet flavor is our favorite fruit. Some people have described the flavor as a combination of strawberry and pineapple while others praise the mixture of sweet and sour. Order one… Read More
mango ice pop


[thb_gap height="30"]   This super juicy ice pop will give your mouth an explosion of ripe flavor! Enjoy the soft and sweet taste of our mango pop whenever you’re craving something with just a little extra. We always use the freshest mangos available for this ice pop.   Read More
ice pop on a bride wedding plate


  WATERMELON ICE POP Craving a freshly sliced watermelon? Look no further than our watermelon ice pop. We know you’ll love the crisp taste and the all natural flavor (without all of those pesky seeds)! Read More
creamy coconut ice pops


  Our coconut cream ice pop calls for a day at the beach! With real coconut flakes on top and a hint of vanilla, this pop is a rich and creamy treat you’ll quickly add to your favorites. We source the freshest coconuts from the Dominican Republic and mix them with delicious cream and vanilla.… Read More