The Story began in 2014…

Oliver and Julieta Mosqueda were parents to three young children. They always knew that they wanted to create something special, but what? Coming from Colombia and Venezuela, they wished that they could find more tropical foods and flavors where they lived. The couple also wanted to create a product that would keep the kids happy and healthy. The idea soon struck, ice pops! Not only could they create unique flavors, they could also create treats that were healthy and that everyone would enjoy. The name of the company, Guanabana, came from their roots. Guanabana is an incredibly popular fruit found in their countries, Colombia and Venezuela, and other tropical countries. It is a sour tart fruit that tastes like a combo of strawberry and pineapple.



With much planning, they spent a couple months building their first ice pop tricycle and they were determined to share their all-natural frozen treat with everyone. They came up with so many flavors and combinations, including their signature pop Guanábana, mango-raspberry, coconut cream, and a fan favorite, froots (strawberry, mango, kiwi). Of course, the pops were 100% fruit. They went to every festival and event possible during their first year. They were also exposed to so many festivals and events around Jacksonville and they met so many new people. With the growing popularity of the tricycle, a second one was built. And two years later, they expanded! In 2016, the Guanabana dessert truck was added to the ice pop family. Oliver and Julieta wanted to offer more tropical and cultural items to the menu. The truck now included fresh smoothies, fruit bowls, and a variety of unique desserts. One of the most popular being the macaroon ice cream sandwiches, two large fresh baked macaroons with a thick chunk of flavored ice cream in between. As always, all of the products are fresh and handcrafted by them.


We are so honored to be able to share all of our desserts and creations with you. We love creating unique items and love it even more when you love it. This company was started in order to create something delicious that could be shared with the kids and it has grown so much since then. We feel so lucky to be part of the Northeast community and we’ve had the pleasure of selling our pops at local restaurants and coffee shops. We are also very grateful to have the opportunity to be part of many local festivals, including Gastrofest.


We are at different events and communities every week and we enjoy getting to see everyone. If you need something refreshing or just want a yummy dessert, we’d be happy to give you what you want. Look out for our tricycle and bright green dessert truck in North Florida.