guanabana food truck

Our Favorite Part of Owning This Business

When we started this business, we had no idea how much it would change our outlook. I think that the best part has been getting to meet so many new, different people and create relationships we wouldn’t have had beforehand. Without this company, we would never have met many of our closest friends.

Not only that, but we have discovered so many fun festivals and events all over North Florida. Who knew there was so much fun to have right here in our city? On top of that, we have gotten to know so many different areas in Jacksonville. We have visited many neighborhoods, parks, businesses, and that is also how we have gotten to know new people.

We have lived in Jacksonville for sixteen years, and in the past six years that we have owned this business, we have discovered all there is to do. It’s also incredibly heartwarming to know that so many people appreciate us and what our company offers them. This has been a unique experience and we also hope we bring you happiness by sharing our products.


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